Chad Edwards Band

Band Bios


DE1A7230A California native, Chad started his music ambitions by learning to play the fiddle at the early age of 10. Inspired by life and circumstances, he wrote and produced his first full album of original songs by the age of 19. He organized his first band shortly after and played the Minnesota ‘Club’ venues for many years. Marriage and two beautiful daughters forced music to take ‘second chair’ to work and providing for his family, but his drive for writing and playing the music he loved continued. Returning to the scene in 2012, the touring artist, guitarist and songwriter is based in Minneapolis and doing what he loves. In 2014, he released an EP that won Acadamia Music’s “Independent Country EP of the Year”, and continues to perform high-energy shows year round throughout the Midwest.




Dave BeattieAfter growing up in Duluth, MN, Dave moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul, to attend McNally Smith College Of Music. After graduating, he played with standout blues and soul acts that included Renee Austin, Sam Kuusisto, Dr. Mambo’s Combo, Mick Sterling & The Stud Brothers, and The Good The Bad & The Funky. Soon he expanded into country music, and quickly became a first-call guitarist for many bands, eventually joining Chris Brooks & The Silver City Boys. When not on stage with Chad, you can find him dishing some tasteful, well-seasoned twang with The Shalo Lee Band, Erin’s Alibi, Ragtown, Jennifer Grimm, Who Nu and others.




“Mikey” has been playing bass since his youth, eventually studying at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul. His resume is as eclectic as his taste, including bands such Shirts & Skins, Bitter Roots, and Finnegan’s Revenge. Finally settling on country music, he joined up with Chad to form The Chad Edwards Band in 2012. On stage, Mikey brings high energy, great vocals and impressive height.




13442299_10209610593606601_7820515241680860848_nAs an adolecent, James studied jazz, but cut his drumming “teeth” in hard rock. However he eventually started gigging in the Blues scene, where his band NiteRail recorded and toured throughout the upper-midwest for 6 years. When the country scene came calling, he found himself starting a new band with Chris Brooks, the singer of the successful Minnesota band, The Mason Dixons. Chris Brooks & The Silver City Boys toured steadily throughout the upper-midwest for 6 years, eventually adding Dave Beattie. When it was decided to reduce the frequency of shows in 2015, they joined up with Chad and Mikey.